ФОП Артим Юлія Дмитрівна

65011, Ukraine, Odesa, Kanatna Street 22, office 4

INN: 3159417902

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Purpose: Education in the field of art


FOP Artym Yuliya Dmitrievna (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor"), in the person of the director Artym Yulia Dmitrievna, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, puts up this public offer to conclude an agreement on conducting online training on the following conditions:
Subject of the contract
1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the person who accepted this offer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) with training services in the form of online courses, online broadcasts (the list of online training is indicated on the corresponding page of the Contractor's website: https://artymslab.online/) (hereinafter referred to as courses, Order) , and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for these services.
1.2. Services are provided in the form of providing the Customer with access to online training courses for a period of six months. In the case of purchasing a package with teacher's consultations on the lessons of the course, access to consultations is also opened after the purchase of the course.
1.3. The name, program, price and terms of online training are determined according to the schedule posted on the Contractor's website at: https://artymslab.online/, and the Customer's application made on the website during online registration for participation in the relevant online training.
1.4. The acceptance of this offer is considered to be carried out subject to prior online registration on the Contractor's website for the corresponding online training and payment for participation in it.

Rights and obligations of the Contractor
2.1. The contractor has the right:
2.1.1. Independently determine the program, volume and format of online training.

2.1.2. The Contractor has the right to block access to the site for the Customer if, by his actions or inaction, he violates the terms of this Agreement and / or other requirements of the Contractor.
2.1.3. The Contractor has the right to verify the data of the User and other persons specified by the User, according to the criteria of the Contractor. In addition, the Contractor has the right to require the User to present documents proving his identity and provide other data identifying the User, in cases stipulated by the conditions of the relevant events, or by the legislation of Ukraine. In case of failure to provide documents, or inconsistency of information in them, the Contractor has the right to refuse the User to provide services.
2.1.4. To recover losses from the Customer in full in case of violation by the Customer of the terms of the contract.
2.1.5. In case of violation by the Customer of the terms of the contract under clause 3.3. of the agreement, if the training is implemented using an online broadcast, the Contractor has the right to block access without a refund. The fact of a violation may be an entrance via a unique link from more than 2 devices and ip-addresses, as well as other facts of violation established by the Contractor.
2.2. The contractor is obliged:
2.2.1. To enroll the Customer in the group of participants in the organized training after the acceptance of this offer.
2.2.2. Organize and ensure the proper provision of the services provided for in paragraph 1 of this offer.
2.2.3.After the online training, provide the Customer with access to the record of the training conducted through the possibility of using a link to the relevant web page for a period previously determined and indicated in the description.
2.2.4. Inform the User about the status of the Order and the fact of receipt of payment for the Order. The fact that the User is informed is the fact of sending an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the User when registering on the Site, containing confirming information.
2.3. The Contractor is not responsible for false or erroneously entered data during registration, as a result of which the Customer did not receive a letter or SMS message from the Contractor, as well as if these notifications were not delivered due to provider blocking, spam filters and other factors that did not depending on the Executor.
Rights and obligations of the Customer
3.1 The customer has the right:

3.1.1. Require the Contractor to properly fulfill its obligations.

3.1.2. Refuse this agreement in accordance with clause 7 of the Offer.

3.2. The customer undertakes:

3.2.1. Pay for the services of the Contractor in the amount and terms provided for in this offer.

3.2.2. To refrain from recording broadcasts of online training and its distribution (in any form, including in the form of posting on the Internet) without the consent of the Contractor, as well as from rebroadcasting (including paid) training for persons who have not concluded a participation agreement with the Contractor in online learning.

3.2.3. The Customer undertakes to provide reliable and, if necessary, complete information when using the Site, fill in these registration data, indicating their full name, phone number and email.

3.2.4. Independently check the data of the Order before placing it. The Customer is fully responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data used by him when placing the Order.

3.2.5. To get acquainted with the content, conditions of registration and the procedure for conducting training, as well as with additional requirements imposed by the Contractor before placing an Order. If the Customer is not clear about any conditions for the training, including the payment procedure, the Customer undertakes to clarify these conditions, and if it is impossible to clarify, refuse to place the Order and the training.

3.3. Responsibility of the parties

3.3.1.The Contractor shall under no circumstances be liable to the Customer or third parties for any damage associated with the use of the site, the contents of the site or other materials accessed from the site.

3.3.2. The customer assumes full responsibility for obtaining unique access to training through online courses or online broadcasts. The Customer accepts the conditions that his access to the online broadcast is intended for his sole viewing, and that any partial or complete copying and reproduction, transfer to third parties, resale without the permission of the Contractor is prohibited and is a violation of the legislation of Ukraine.


Distribute, copy training videos in any of the possible ways.

Transfer your login and password from your personal account on the site https://artymslab.online/, as well as personal links with access to view the video to third parties.

3.3.3. The Customer is aware that training, online and offline broadcasts, which are provided to the Customer, are objects of copyright subject to legal protection, and is also fully aware that in cases of violation of copyrights and exclusive rights of the copyright holder, the Customer may be brought to civil law, administrative and criminal responsibility.

3.3.4. The customer assumes responsibility for scheduling the training attendance. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-attendance by the Customer of training with the proper fulfillment of its obligations.

7.5. All materials posted on the site https://artymslab.online/ are the property of the Contractor, any full or partial copying and reproduction of any materials without permission is prohibited.

Payment for services
4.1. The provision of services under this agreement is carried out by the Contractor on the basis of the preliminary registration of the Customer by filling out the online registration form on the website https://artymslab.online/ and subsequent payment for the selected training. The price of participation in online training is determined on the corresponding page of the site, in the conditions of participation posted on the page of the corresponding training.

4.2.Payment is made by bank transfer to the Contractor's bank account before the start of training. Upon completion of the online registration process, the Customer will be given the opportunity to pay for participation in the following ways: by bank card; liq pay, Privat24. The choice of one of the specified forms of payment belongs to the Customer.

Making payment for the Customer by a third party is allowed with the mandatory notification of the Contractor before the start of training.

4.3. All bank commissions that are withheld by the bank directly engaged by the Customer to transfer funds to the Contractor's address are borne by the Customer (paid by him at his own expense) unless the Contractor has a direct agreement with such a bank, according to which the commission for transferring funds in favor of the Contractor are held by the bank directly at the expense of the Contractor.

4.4. The fact of the provision of services is confirmed by the Contractor's internal electronic register, confirming the fact of the Customer's participation in online training (sending by the Contractor to the Customer at the e-mail address specified during registration, an information letter with a link to the page on which the training will be broadcast at the appointed time), except for cases when, within 3 working days, the Contractor receives a reasoned objection from the Customer regarding the fact of the provision of services, their volume and quality. Upon receipt of such an objection, the parties shall take measures to resolve the differences.

Service provision procedure
5.1.Subject to confirmation of payment, the student is included in the list of participants in the master class or gets access to all training video lessons of the online course in their personal account. In the case of an online broadcast, the day before the master class, the Customer receives, at the e-mail address specified during registration, an information letter with a link to the page on which the training will be broadcast at the appointed time.

5.2. During the entire training broadcast, participants have the opportunity to watch the video image of the lecturer and hear the corresponding speech. During the broadcast of the training, participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturer via online chat at the time allotted by the lecturer. Answers to all questions left in the chat are not guaranteed by the Contractor.

5.4 A record of the conducted training is provided to the Customer through the possibility of using a link to the relevant Internet page for the period specified in the description.

Technical conditions for participation
6.1 For normal participation in online training, it is necessary to check in advance the readiness of the Customer's computer and the corresponding Internet access settings.

6.2. To participate in online training, a computer connected to high-speed Internet and headphones/speakers is required. A microphone or video camera is not required.

6.3. At low Internet speeds, audio and video delays may occur when broadcasting an online seminar.

6.4. A prerequisite for participation in online training is the presence on the computer of the participant of the installed program "Adobe Flash Player" of version 11 or higher.

6.5. The customer needs to find out in advance what type of Internet access his computer is provided with. If the connection is made through a proxy server, the online broadcast, as a rule, is regularly interrupted due to the presence of special restrictions on the proxy server used by the Customer. Therefore, the Customer should remove the relevant restrictions in advance.

6.6. We recommend using the latest versions of the following Internet browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

6.7. For each participant of online training, a unique encryption of the video recording of the broadcast is carried out.

Termination of the contract and its consequences
7.1. Each of the parties has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract before the start of training.

7.2. In the event that online training is canceled or rescheduled to another date, the Customer has the right to refuse to fulfill the contract and require the Contractor to return the money paid for the postponed/cancelled training.

7.3. In the event that less than 30 (thirty) calendar days before the start of training, the Customer refused to fulfill the contract for reasons not related to the Contractor's failure to fulfill its obligations under the contract, the funds will not be returned to the Customer.

7.3. Refund on the basis of clause 7.2 of this Agreement is carried out within 5 (five) banking days from the date of receipt by the Contractor of the Customer's application for a refund, indicating the necessary bank details. In the above cases, the return request must be sent by the Customer to the Contractor at the Contractor's e-mail address: (hidden)
The Contractor returns the money to the Customer minus the commission

7.4. The Contractor is not responsible for technical failures in the broadcast that occurred on the Customer's communication lines or for other technical reasons depending on the Customer and his Internet connection provider.

Other conditions.
8.1. The Customer gives his consent to the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of the following personal data provided to the Contractor at the conclusion of this agreement: last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, registration address, phone number and email address. This consent is given without limitation of validity.

8.2. All disputes under this agreement are subject to consideration in the state courts of Ukraine in accordance with the current procedural legislation of Ukraine

8.3. In case of improper performance or non-performance of their obligations under the contract, the parties are liable in accordance with the civil legislation of Ukraine.

Personal data
9.1. The user gives his consent to the processing of personal data, both without the use of automation tools, and with their use.

9.2.The purposes of processing personal data are the fulfillment by the Contractor of the terms of this agreement, as well as the conduct of advertising campaigns and marketing research.

9.3. The transfer of personal data to third parties is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and agreements between the Contractor and the User.

9.4. Consent may be withdrawn by the User by sending a written application to the Contractor at the email address indicated on the site https://artymslab.online/ after the termination of the agreement.

10. Details of the performer:

ФОП Артим Юлія Дмитрівна

65011, Ukraine, Odesa, Kanatna Street 22, office 4

ИНН: 3159417902

Check: UA763052990000026001034903476

Name of the bank:


Purpose: Education in the field of art