At this online express course you will learn the fundamentals of pastel drawing

Drawing fruits with pastels

At this online express course you will learn the fundamentals of pastel drawing

Drawing fruits and berries with pastels


We study types of pastel and special pastel paper. We perform exercises, select the texture and color of paper for different purposes
The theory of pastel work
We draw the composition using warm colors. Define light and shadow. We work on volumetric forms.

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Julia Pisarenko
'The content, accuracy, and openness of taught knowledge are substantial to me. I proficiently transmit what I have learned over the years.

I don't just want to teach a person drawing and proper hand positioning, but to inspire, and make the student fall in love with painting and drawing'.
Certified Ukrainian artist-architect. Graduated from Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Leading teacher of classical drawing, watercolor painting, and pastel drawing.

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Materials you need for the course

Or paper tape
Mask tape
for artwork fixation
Extra strong hairspray
or kneaded eraser
White eraser
Pastel Derwent dark and light shades
Pastel Pencil
PITT Faber-Castell dark and light shades
Pastel Pencil
double-sided Blending Dry Soft Mungyo
Canson Mi-Teintes TOUCH 350 gr, 50x65 cm
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