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Hello, my name is Yulia Artym.
I am 37 years old and I am a professional artist and teacher of painting and drawing. I have been making money by painting for more than 20 years.
I have more than 10 personal exhibitions and participation in 3 international projects.
Since 2015, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
In 2013, I opened my workshop in Odessa, which eventually grew into a large studio.

Now I have moved to Portugal. I continue to paint pictures here in Oeyrish. I paint with acrylic and oil paints. I often experiment with mixed techniques. I love dry pastels and colored pencils.
It is difficult for me to choose one subject for painting and drawing, so I give in to inspiration and draw what inspires me. I also paint paintings and portraits to order.

Thank you for paying attention to my paintings. You can find out more about them below.

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Yuliia Artym
an artist
Paintings are available for purchase
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canvas 80x100 cm, acrylic and oil paints

Price is 350€

paper 30x21 cm colored pencils, acrylic
Price is 60€
paper 30x21 cm colored pencils, acrylic
Price is 60€

canvas 120x80 cm, acrylic paints

Price is 300€

Yuliia Artym
The painting made to your order
Ordering a custom painting is a unique way to express yourself in art, offering numerous advantages:
  1. Individual Style: You can choose the theme, colors, and style that resonate with your preferences and inner world.
  2. Personal Meaning: Commissioning a painting allows you to infuse personal significance or stories into the artwork, making it truly unique.
  3. Custom Sizes: Selecting the canvas size enables you to precisely fit the painting into your space.
  4. Legacy: Your commissioned painting can become part of your personal collection and serve as a legacy for future generations.
  5. Gift Giving: Unique artwork makes a wonderful gift for important occasions or milestones in life.
Ordering a custom painting allows you to have a piece of art that not only matches your tastes but also holds special significance for you personally.

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I also teach painting and drawing for teenagers and adults. Join the creativity with me!

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"The most important tool of an artist, which is formed through constant training, is the belief in his ability to create miracles when necessary. "

— Mark Rothko

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