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Explore the wonderful world of watercolor flowers. Poppies, irises, peonies and cotton spring to life with a stroke of your brush.

Material: Watercolor
Level: Beginner
Duration: 10 lessons
Short video lessons where you will learn the basics of watercolor painting.

Material: Watercolor
Level: Beginner
Duration: 7 lessons
Soft color transitions, airy and fluffy effects, juicy or delicate illustrations by dry soft pastel.

Material: Watercolor
Level: Beginner
Duration: 7 lessons
interview with Julia Artym — the founder of artym's lab studio,
author of art projects and tutorials
About the profession
How to become a professional artist? What are the differences between an art school and a painting studio? Which educational institution is better to choose?
Our values
Artym's Lab Studio helps people to find their creative fulfillment
Since 2013 we have been helping novice artists take their first steps in creativity, overcome fear and believe in their own potential.

We convey our love for art and teach not just dry academic knowledge - we ensure skills and courage in painting and illustration.
We will teach you to enjoy the process and the results from studying painting and drawing.
Direct results
We will teach you to draw on any surface: canvas, paper, wood, denim, shoes, or walls.
Any material
Safe creative support. We correct mistakes gently and without pressure.
Making mistakes is ok
Our students' feedback
My dream came true!
I used to put off studies for later. But when I pulled myself together, watched the first class, and stuck the paper to the tablet, I realized I had been dragging it out for no reason! Even with no assistance, everything was clear and understandable.

Thanks to the teachers for the maximum detail of each step. It's valuable! I'm finally painting and I can't stop!
Irina Porokhova,
I believed in myself :)
Thank you very much for inspiration, wonderful mood, relaxation and creative atmosphere, new knowledge and desire to paint, draw and learn
Alena Cherepenko,
I can draw everything
what I imagine
I can draw anything I can think about
My imagination lacked the basics and guidelines. I gained an insight into fundamentals, and now I can accomplish all my dreams and customers’ orders!
Tatyana Chaush,
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