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Hello, my name is Yulia Artym. I am 37 years old, a professional artist, and a teacher of painting and drawing. I have been making a living through painting for over 20 years, with more than 10 solo exhibitions and participation in 3 international projects to my name. Since 2015, I have been a member of the Artists' Union of Ukraine.

In 2013, I opened my own studio in Odessa, which over time grew into a large art studio. Currently, I have moved to Portugal and continue to teach painting and create artworks here in Oeiras. I invite you to my home, to a small workshop-studio, for intimate creative sessions and art classes. The groups are limited to 4 people, and I also offer individual sessions.

Below, you can choose a class and make a reservation for it. Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!

Artym Yuliia

Founder and teacher at Artym's Lab studio and Artym's Lab in Portugal

Classes at the Artym's Lab studio in Portugal
in groups of up to 4 people or individually

Various Themes
In the class, we explore color theory, aerial and linear perspectives, composition on canvas, and create a painting according to the technique and style. It's important to draw what you like, so we start with a creative goal and individually pave each creative step.

All materials are provided. Canvas size is 30x20 cm

The session lasts 2-2.5 hours

The cost of the session is €50

Various Themes

Relaxing and creating something beautiful at the same time is possible! Through art therapy or the study of techniques, styles, and directions, each time you immerse yourself in a world full of inspiration and variety of colors. You can start drawing at any age!

All materials are provided. Canvas size is 30x40 cm

The session lasts 3 hours

The cost of the session is €70

Various Themes
If you want to try something interesting and soft, we recommend dry pastels. You can choose the illustration right in class, or you can prepare it on your own. The main criterion is that it speaks to your heart! And artistic challenges, we will overcome together.

All materials are provided

The session lasts 2-2,5 hours

The cost of the session is €40

Structured Program for Academic Drawing
Drawing straight lines and serious pictures can be done without excessive tension. The academic drawing course will teach you the basics of composition, visualization, and confident spatial work. Throughout the course, you will learn everything about drawing from life and reinforce academic knowledge with practice.

Course of 14 sessions. Each session lasts 2-2.5 hours.
All materials are provided.
Course fee is €250. Payment can be made in installments.
Single session - €30

Various Themes
Complex watercolor illustrations will become achievable when you learn all the rules and technical features of painting with watercolors. Together, we will learn how to create a drawing under watercolor and use the dry or wet brush technique.

All materials are provided
The session lasts 2-2,5 hours

The cost of the session is €40

Various Themes
You can paint in any clothing! It's important to just use special paints and prepare the surface. We'll choose the illustration or painting together and start creating a masterpiece that reflects your individuality in everyday life.

All materials are provided, except for the clothing on which the artwork will be painted.
The session lasts for 3 hours.

The cost of the session is €40

Various Themes
We draw inspiration from round-shaped paintings and create an unconventional composition. Acrylic paints will help capture the vibrancy of colors and dry quickly.

All materials are provided. A canvas circle with a diameter of 30 cm is included.
The session lasts for 3 hours.

The cost of the session is €60

Various Themes
Extra volume, texture, and gold paint - all these nuances will make your painting incredible and expressive. Just let your imagination run wild!

All materials are provided. Canvas size is 30x30 cm or a 30 cm diameter circle.
The session lasts for 3 hours.

The cost of the session is €70

It's time to bring your dream to life!

Our art studio helps bring the artistic dreams of adult girls all around the world to life.
Adult Painting
Do you have a desire to learn how to paint?
our story
How did it all begin?
May 13 is our anniversary... We count it from the day we opened the studio on Rishelievska Street, back in 2013. Many transformations have occurred with us since then! Quarantine pushed us towards growth, and the war opened us up to very active volunteering.
Speaking in numbers, in 10 years, we've painted on canvases with a total area of over 1250m² and used almost 3500 tubes of oil paint. From this volume of paintings, one could build a cozy estate filled with expressive textures of impasto and smooth strokes of classical painting.
Counting paper, pencils, and brushes is trickier... and we won't do that at all. The most accurate count will be the happy eyes of our clients after classes and courses. And there are many of them! And with each passing day, even more.
During this time, we've recorded about 45 video lessons and 5 original art courses. Our wonderful designer created a website for them: Two English teachers translated almost all of our video content into English and Ukrainian.
Thank you for choosing us and staying with us for many years! Together, we make the world of art and artistic practice more conscious, strong, and friendly! Ahead, only together and forward! Thanks to everyone who has been, is, and will be in our team.
And from December 2023, we have a branch in Oeiras, Portugal.

Painting to order, why YES?
Ordering a custom painting is a unique way to express yourself in art, and it comes with numerous advantages:
  1. Individual Style: You can choose a theme, colors, and a style that aligns with your preferences and inner world.
  2. Personal Content: Commissioning a painting allows you to infuse personal meaning or a story into the artwork, making it truly unique.
  3. Custom Sizes: Selecting the canvas size enables you to precisely fit the painting into your space.
  4. Heirloom: A commissioned painting can become a part of your personal collection and serve as a legacy for future generations.
  5. Gift: Unique artwork makes for a wonderful gift for significant events or memorable moments in life.
Ordering a custom painting allows you to have a piece of art that not only caters to your tastes but also holds special significance for you personally.

one day in Artym's Lab

interview with the founder of the art studio Yulia Artym

"The most important tool of an artist, which is formed through constant training, is the belief in his ability to create miracles when necessary."

Mark Rothko


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